Uncle G's Ice Cream
Located at 7030 Washington Street  Pendleton N.Y. Ph.716-471-8501
We open May 6th.
Our store hours are 12-9pm every day.
To find us see our map-quest map on this site.

Young and older alike, everyone gets happy,happy,happy at Uncle G's. From cotton candy ice cream to our number one best seller, the Caramel pecan sundae, you will find your perfect treat at Uncle G's!

We serve over 30 flavors of premium hard ice cream. We have frozen yogurt,sherbets and the creamiest fresh frozen CUSTARD in town. We take great pride in our milkshakes. We use fresh frozen stawberries and bananas to make the best tasting shakes around. Real fruit pineapple, raspberry and blueberry shakes are a big hit at Uncle G's. A new addition to our menu is the fresh baked  pie sundaes. We now have three wonderful fresh baked fruit pies. Choose from the old standby Apple pie or last years addition Strawberry-Rhubarb or our newest addition Tart cherry pie.The pies are served as a complete sundae with creamy vanilla custard ,garnish toppings and whipped cream.  These have become a real favorite among our customers.
We are pleased to announce our new soft serve yogurt. The "Only Eight " yogurt has only 32 calories and ZERO fat. (per 1/2 cup serving). A fantastic dieters dessert! We offer two tasty flavors daily.Add a few toppings if you would like to dress up this yogurt to suit your taste.
Come visit us and see our other menu options. We are certain you will enjoy
Uncle G's!
We accept VISA, MC and DISCOVER.
Open WiFi.
Uncle G's Ice Cream
Corvette show at Uncle G's summer 2013
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